Importance of a Business Continuity Plan

LEAP Managed IT Indianapolis tackles the importance of having a Business Continuity Plan

Are you prepared?

Have you ever wondered what is going to happen to your business if a fire breaks out? Or maybe a water leakage problem at the building? Are you ready and have a backup plan to keep your business safe in the event of a of natural disaster? Every organization needs a good business continuity plan that will keep it running through interruptions. The importance of having such, is that you and your employees are prepared and will know what to do. At last, we should learn from others past mistakes and be able to recover fast from disruptive events.

Did you know that prior to the  COVID-19 outbreak, only 25% of companies had the infrastructure in place to work remotely?  To date, only a few percentage have successfully implemented work from home policies. This setback is a testament that reveals the capabilities of organizations during these times. Therefore, it is high time for organizations to prioritize and focus on a business continuity plan.

In order to have a strong business foundation, it is important to realize and have a concrete action plan for “what-if” times. Therefore, there should be a more comprehensive approach on what to do so that the business will not suffer severe loss.

Business Continuity Plan

There are 4 important phases in planning your organizations business continuity plans and strategies. They are as follows:

  1. Business Impact Analysis- This is the phase where you will assess potential impacts that could harm the flow of your business.
  2. Recovery Strategies- Always plan and be able to identify potential threats that can disrupt your business. Document all requirements to have a smooth implementation.
  3. Plan Development- Create a framework and develop a plan in case of disruption or disaster. It is also important to create an IT disaster recovery plan and document them at all times.
  4. Testing and Exercise- Test and practice the layout of the entire plan to make sure it will work. This is the best time to improve on areas that are not feasible.

IT Recovery Plan

Businesses and organizations today rely on technology. Imagine what happens when you do not have an IT recovery plan. Losing important data and longer downtime are just some of the drawbacks. Oftentimes, we do not want talk about unfortunate events. Therefore, we can start business continuity planning through outlining the worst-case scenario. This will enable us to prepare and know what to do. Data Back-up and Recovery is one of the specializations of LEAP Managed IT. They can provide assistance to make sure that you do not compromise your data security, decrease productivity and minimize loss through upgraded systems and processes. For more about business continuity, data back up and recovery visit

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